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Information about this set 
Model: HaneAme | ハネアメ雨波
Number of photos: 100 photos + 12 videos
Storage: 1.4 GB
Password: allasiangirls.net
Download link: Click here
Model’s Social Network Account:

All HaneAme’s works!

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2 thoughts on “HaneAme | ハネアメ雨波 – Blue Archive Bunny Sister Ichinose Asuna & Karinn

  1. jorge sanchez says:

    link is broken, could you please reupload it? may I ask if its possible to generate separate links for videos and photos?
    PS: thanks for sharing

    • Admin says:

      We updated the new link. You can try again
      No one wants to see ads twice. Unless the file is too big we will divide the file into many links for easy download

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