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Why we upload the free content to Terabox platform:

– Our Mediafire account has been blocked from sharing so we can’t post free content to Mediafire like before. We don’t have time to fix all the broken links due to Mediafire blocking so this is the best solution for all of our viewers.
– You can easily sign up for a Terabox account by email and get 1TB of free storage right away. You don’t need to upgrade your account and can still easily download the free content we’ve shared, or save them to your Terabox and download them later.
– Terabox has faster download speed and no download speed limit like other file sharing platforms. They are gradually expanding their servers so the download speed will improve in the future.


Author, All Asian Girls

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Author, All Asian Girls

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We will delete the account immediately when the system detects unusual activities from the member’s account instead of just deactivating it as before.

All members please read our notice of rules carefully. All excessive and destructive requests will cause your account to be suspended or deactivated depending on the severity of the violation.


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