Frequently Asked Questions

Most questions from our customers and here are our answers

How many photo albums and videos can I expect?

Well. From now (22-7-2021) we already have 525 videos and 620 photo albums, there are many more you can have, we are uploading new videos and new photos every week

How do I enroll and register?

It is very easy, just click any button “JOIN NOW” above or through this link: then you will be a part of our members.

How do I get access to those albums?

We divide content into free content (anyone can view and easily download) and premium content (only our members can view and download). When you visit the website, you can see these 2 categories on the homepage of the website

Once you join one of our membership plans, you will have your login detail to get access to all of the videos and photos on the plan you choose.

If you’re new and haven’t signed up yet. You will still be able to view some photos in each set, but you won’t be able to download all of the photos in the best quality and get many other benefits that only members of the site can.

What if I change my mind and want to choose other plans?

Please send us a request to change your membership plan via the contact section. We will respond to you specifically to change your membership plan. Thank you!

How much does a membership cost?
Well, We have 3 plans available on this website: The Basic plan – $30/ 2 months, the Starter plan – $55/ 5 months, the Pro plan – $99/ 1 year.
The higher the plan, the more special photo and video sets
What are acceptable payment methods?

You can pay with your credit / debit card

What is the refund Policy?

Sadly, but keep in mind that we will NOT give a refund to you because those videos and photos took a lot of time to record and include all private personal sexy bodies. So think twice before participating. Thanks