2 thoughts on “Voting results 2023/12 [Exclusive photoset]

  1. Noah Marlier says:

    Thanks for being honest with us, i assume that’s the main reason why we, the members, trust you guys. It’s really cool that you opened a Ko-fi page, how can we get the link ? I’d love to support you guys, even just a little (according to my possibilities every months…), thourgh this.
    Also thank you for JangJoo’s onlyfan’s update. that’s also the reason why we trust you, you’re always fair with the members. SIncerely hope you’ll get the support you need !!!
    Merry chirstmas to y’all guys.

    • Admin says:

      Thank you Noah. Above all, the trust of our members is what we want.
      We have added some images to the post to make it easier for members to understand.

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